Book Club: Group 2 – HPP

13/12/2017 17:00 - 18:30
Tin Alley, Parkville VIC 3052, Australia
Address: Tin Alley, Parkville VIC 3052, Australia

Group Information

  • Biographies (including autobiography and memoir) features the lives of artists, musicians, scientists, politicians, reformers, travellers and literary figures.
  • HPP is more analytical, and books will draw on: history, politics & society; philosophy & religion.
  • Which one should I choose? Flexibility between genres and times allows for ‘double-dipping’ that is, for any ravenous readers wanting to attend both groups. Both book discussions will last approximately one hour. Participants are welcome to stay on after this continue discussing, to enjoy a coffee, wine or a meal. Lunch is available from 12 noon and bar snacks from 4:30pm.   
  • Updated: Book Club Reading List 2017


Both groups will be facilitated voluntarily by Jacky Angus, staff member of The University since 1999, most recently at the Office for Research Ethics & Integrity; retired February 2015.

13 December – Group 2 HPP

Volf, Miroslav (2006) The End of Memory: Remembering Rightly in a Violent World. Publisher: William B Eerdmans, Michigan, USA. Available :