Lorna Quinn – Art Opening

21/08/2017 17:45 - 18:45
Tin Alley, Parkville VIC 3052, Australia
Address: Tin Alley, Parkville VIC 3052, Australia

University House is pleased to announce and welcome Lorna Quinn’s artwork into the Club in August.

Excerpts from Lorna Quinn’s bio and artist statements: 

Lorna Quinn, born in 1995, is a Melbourne based artist who completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts  at Victorian College of the Arts in 2016. Working within the tradition of the Australian landscape painting, Lorna creates both large and small scale works of oil or acrylic on board, where she depicts sprawling and complex garden vistas that exist somewhere between the realm of fantasy and reality. Through her work she examines the material nature of an Australian suburban existence, and platforms the alien and alternate life forms that exist there. Whilst studying, Lorna was short-listed for the Majlis Travelling scholarship (2016), and received the Lionel Gel Foundation Award (2016).

In the main branch of my current studio practice I create large scale acrylic paintings on board, depicting artificially thickened visual worlds of sprawling and voluptuous suburban gardens, rendered in intricate detail. Flirting with “bad” taste, I assume the position of objective observer as I examine the physical nature of a suburban existence, with a focus not so much on the people that live there, but on the residual objects and alternate life-forms that go often unnoticed by it’s inhabitants. Weeds, palm trees, BMWs, and general debris are juxtaposed and employed to examine the subtle threads linking luxury and baseness in a consumer society, and the relationship between this multitude of objects and the swirl of materials which form the original protective dwelling, the home.

There will be nibbles provided and drinks at the bar. Please join us in celebrating Lorna’s extraordinary work!

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