Pub Trivia Night

19/08/2020 18:30 - 20:30

What’s that song? Musician or Serial Killer? What’s that TV show? Who am I?!

Missing your Pub Trivia? Put some beer on the ice, snacks in a bowl, order in a pizza because University House is going trivial!

Trivia starts on Wednesday 19th August, at 6.30pm.

Pick a name for your team, dob in a captain and submit your team details to our Trivia Masters (up to 8 people). Captains, please register the team with the team name; and the names and email addresses for all team members. You can, of course, register as an individual and we will assign you to a team with fewer than 8 participants.

Be sure to get your team registered by Monday 17th August.  Details will be emailed to all participants following registration.

Join us for some mid-week fun!

To register, please email