Membership Information

The University Club provides members with places on campus to relax and socialise, and to meet fellow staff, postgraduates and alumni from a diverse range of faculties and disciplines. In becoming a member you will join a vibrant social and academic community and gain access to member exclusive dining areas. The Club also hosts many members only events.

Membership will give you access to the University House Professors Walk on the main campus and University House at the Woodward (UH@W) located on the top floor of the Law Building in Pelham Street Carlton.

It is a condition of our Licence that Visitors be signed-in to the Visitor’s Books at the entrance to our venues.  Members are welcome to sign-in any number of Visitors.  Please note that Visitors eligible for University Club Membership can be signed-in to the Club a maximum of four times per annum.

Go to our Membership Application Form page if you would like to join the University House Staff and Alumni Club online.

Please contact (03) 8344 5254 or e: for full details.


Did you know?

 You can become a member for around $7/week!

Salary Deductions
Salary deductions are available for University of Melbourne staff who are on the regular University of Melbourne payroll system. Opt for salary deductions when you apply for membership.

New Members of Staff
The Club is offering Membership to new University of Melbourne staff with subscription waived for 12 months. New Employee Application

PhD Candidates
The Club is pleased to offer current PhD candidates Unrestricted Associate Membership for the duration of your studies (up to 4 years) with subscription fee waived. PhD Membership Application

For more information contact:

As a Member, you will enjoy:

  • A la carte dining
  • Lunchtime cafeteria (full members only)
  • 12 coffees for free when you sign up for paid full-ordinary membership
  • Coffee bar and fully licensed bar at great prices with happy hours
  • Subsidised meals and coffee with member discounts
  • Reciprocal clubs – access to other affiliated Australian and International University clubs.
  • Access to function and private dining rooms – discount for members at University House
  • Comfortable lounge areas and beautiful private gardens
  • Library of international and local periodicals and newspapers
  • 15% member discount on take-away wines with free home/office delivery
  • Exclusive club member functions
  • $3 discount on main course prices at UH and UH @ W
  • FBT concessions
  • Private member dining
  • Reserved cellared wines and award winning wine list with free delivery

Clubs and ongoing activities

Within the Club, there are many ongoing activities we run throughout the year such as Thursday night BBQ, monthly quiz night, Friday night jazz and sub-clubs you can join to get involved and meet new people:

Upcoming events

Types of Membership

  • Member of staff
  • Full-time PhD Higher Degree by Research candidates
  • Member of University Council
  • Honorary Professorial Fellows

  • Alumni
  • Retired Staff
  • Other Associated University Persons
  • Option of either restricted for lunchtime restricted use of Clubs or unrestricted membership allowing for full use of Clubs
  • Associate members have limited voting rights

  • The Club is currently offering a one month trial membership to University of Melbourne staff, at no charge. In addition to the access to our Clubs, you will be able to enjoy a 15% discount on take-away wines, a $3 discount on main courses, and access to our special member functions.

  • On recommendation by an Ordinary Member, University House offers at no charge full membership for 30 days to academics and staff on official visits to The University of Melbourne.