University House is the registered business name of University Club Inc. and is governed by a committee elected annually by the Ordinary Members. Day-to-day management and administration are in the hands of the General Manager who is appointed by the Committee. Members are encouraged to express their views about any aspect of the amenities or service either verbally or in writing to the Manager or Committee members. A suggestion book, located beside the visitor’s book in the entrance area, is available for use by members.


Bill Harley
Faculty of Business and Economics


Veronique Duché
Faculty of Arts

Honorary Secretary
Jane Richards
Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

Honorary Treasurer
James Phyland
Faculty of Business and Economics


Brian Allison

Academic Services and Registrar

Alan Black



Judi Humberstone

Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences

Di Rachinger

External Relations

Frank Larkins
Faculty of Science

Andrew Mitchell
Melbourne Law School

Paul Taylor

Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences

John Macaulay

General Manager