Functions Manager
Kelly Murray

Member Services Manager
Deanne Skalka

Venues Manager
Akki Gunganah

Venue Supervisors University House Professors’ Walk

Rocky Sharma Dahal

Katie Buncle

Venue Supervisors University House @ Woodward
Ngoan Pham
Shane Holmes

Professors’ Walk Bar Supervisor
Belinda Wrathall

Professors’ Walk Coffee Bar Supervisor
Despina Demetriou

Woodward Café Supervisor
Kunal Kishore

Woodward Café Attendant
Kasper Eriksen

Lionel’s Café Supervisor
Sonia Clutterbuck

Housekeeper, Professors Walk
Sharon Foong

Head Chef
Steven Baar

Sous Chef
Leslie Barber

Professors’ Walk Members Dining Cook
Alan Fraser

Woodward Members Dining Cook
Adrian Chew

Apprentice Cook 2nd Year
Caitlyn Delany


General Enquiries & Reception Professors’ Walk
Rowan Fraser
(03) 8344 5254

Administration Manager/Senior Bookkeeper
Georgina Tulett

Accounts Receivable
Peta Hislop

General Manager & Nominee
John Macaulay

University House Staff Fund

Dear Members,

Under the rules of the Club, University House staff are not permitted to accept gratuities when working in the House. However, our rules encourage Members to contribute generously to the Staff Fund in recognition of the efforts of our hardworking staff. There are over 70 staff on our regular payroll, with many behind the scenes and I am sure you will agree that the service in the House is of an excellent standard.

Members can now contribute to the Staff Fund anytime via online bank transfer, the details are: UNIVERSITYHS staff fund, BSB:  083 170, Account no:  66 931 2209

Please include your name and Membership number in the reference box.

Thank you on behalf of all staff.

Yours sincerely,

Bill Harley